Sunday, March 20, 2011


Just wanting my Independence back. to be able to take care of my self again would be great...
i hate when things start to get to me and i start to think about what i use to be able to do like drive, walk around the mall, be able to have a beer with out pissing my pants, shower normally.. wow.. you honestly don't know what you have until its gone...
i would honestly rather be totally numb on my whole body then no be able to walk...

so im trying to quit smoking its day 3 n i have had 3 cigarettes im going to try and have no cigarettes  tomorrow, wish me luck..

well ill update more later xox Tiffany


  1. Today I went to my favorite running park. My husband just strolled me around the track. I thought it would make me feel nice to be outside, but when I saw some old running buds, I just about lost it!
    Most day are good, its just some were it stinks being handicapped.

  2. yeah thats so hard.. my bad day suck.. if i see friends i haven't seen in awhile or haven't seen since before i got diagnosed i try to just sit an not walk around in front of them.. i don't care what random strangers out in the public think of me but when it comes to friends i feel embarrassed that i walk like a drunk... i know how it feels to have done something in the past with people and now not be able to do it with them anymore.. i'm sorry darlin