Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello, im Tiffany. im new here so i just want to do a lil background story.. 

It was August the summer of 09 and i was at my sisters graduation party and was experiencing some numbing in my feet and legs so any ways by the next day i was being carried into the car because i was unable to walk on my own. So my mother took me to the hospital and they ran a tons of tests on me and 4 days later came to the conclusion i had MS. This was one of the saddest/hardest days of my life. my life changed from that point on.. 
i have never fully recovered from that first episode, my balance has never fully came back, my knees are now locking and popping, bladder is always wanting to empty, toes and fingers are always numb.

so now 2 years later i am on rebif and looking into stem cell therapy.. i don't really know that much about it but on April 5 & 6 i will be going to Chicago to meet the doctors and have an MRI to see if they will approve me for this study.. i feel like this will be one of the biggest decisions i have ever made..

well that's a little bit of background and a little update for you guys


  1. After many years with MS I had my BIG episode in March of 09. I now need a walker because my balance is gone. Many other problems as well. You know the drill. I continue to try to get some functionally back. I'm not going to dwell on the negative. Just wanted to share info on teconference tomorrow...maybe you are interested.

    Teleconference sponsored by MS Foundation on MARCH 21st from 8pm -9pm EST TOMORROW

    Title is: Strategies to Improve Walking, Balance, Strength and Flexibility

    The title alone got my attention.....call in up to 10 minutes in advance on 888.550.5602, enter 2344 1168 This info came to me because I signed up with the MS Foundation on the web..check them out..Good Luck

  2. oo i just received this so i will have to watch out for the next one thank you tho

    i too have to use a walker but refuse to take it out of the house..